Client using program Hvac_Simply

Ing. Barend Hemmes ( Hemmes Energietechniek and Royal HaskoningDHV )


""After I was asked to try HVAC simply for the first time I was a bit scared by the number of lines and blocks that could be drawn but after a few hours you can build an air handling unit from scratch and place labels at any place in the model to read out all the conditions of the air at that spot. I haven't had time yet for to the control-options and electro blocks but for me that's another discipline. The latest version is even more sophisticated with integration of heatpumps and placing labels with readings of power use and enthalpy. And to make the result understandable you can use an overlay of a schematic or picture to hide all blocks and lines and make only those items visible that you want to be seen. Theoretical models can easily be built, for example a cross-flow heat-exchanger made out of 4 or more smaller heat-exchangers and freezing effects can be studied. And to study the indirect evaporative cooler with its partial back-streaming flow is now easy. The behavior of a warm and wetted coil is easily modeled by combining a series of coils and humidifiers. So when you need more freedom of engineering you could try HVAC (made) Simply. ""

Clients using my other program Mollier Diagram Pro in their daily work


Hemme Installatiebedrijf


""I think Mollier is the best program I have on my laptop. I am much in the optimization of installations and can accurately determine with Mollier diagram Pro whether heat wheels work correctly, or whether energy balances are in order calibration of temperature etc etc.""


Rene Hemme, Hemmeonderhoudsadvies.nl

Adviesbureau Souer


" For quite some time I have been using Mollier diagram Pro and I am very satisfied with the application. I use it mostly to perform multiple simulations and have the ability to change parameter quickly. This often results in usefull insights when simulating the real implementation of cooling or heating technologies. I often use the results of the simulations I do with Mollier diagram Pro for my reports and requirements. In my view Mollier diagram Pro is a real winner for professionals ranging from consultants, installers and maintenance workers that deal with air treatment technologies."

Wim Souer, Adviesbureau Souer